Friday, 21 March 2014

My taonga

​My taonga is a ring. It is gold, round and it is flat. It is my mums ring. She got it from her Nana. It is really special to her. She has stopped wearing it because it started to hurt finger. She will pass it to me when I get married. I will pass it on to Sharna when am dead and it is 80 years old.


  1. Isla that sounds like a special treasure. It is nice that you will pass it onto Sharna.

  2. Isla
    I like the fact that your treasure has a special significance to your family and how you have obviously discussed this with your mother and family members. When you think about the history that it will have that is a very fascinating thing and makes it a very special treasure.
    Mr Webb, Room One, Auroa Primary School.

  3. Is it shine or not.

  4. Great work Isla, it is wonderful to read your work in a blog.